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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano


The problem is the future strain on Portland’s transportation infrastructure, due to the expected population growth of 1 million people by the year 2040.

Portland is expecting to become denser, and though Portland’s population has increased, the congestion of traffic has not. This is due to Portland’s predominant bike culture. Portland is America’s biking capital, with a bicycle commuter rate of 6.3% vs. the national average of 0.61%. There is already an existing system of bicycle pathways through the city of Portland, so building new infrastructure is not the way to generate more cyclists.

Our intent is to help Portland reach the modal split goal of 25% bicycle trips taken by the population inside the metro area. (more…)

We have created page accounts to go along with our app. This allows for deeper connection and to get the ball rolling on creating this app as a marketable item. Also along with the use of Facebook and Twitter as base pages, we have created a hashtag that goes along with our app and pages to further group conversations and connections.





Here is a mapped out version of the development of the Bike PDX app so far…

Tree of App

Our new brand zandara anna maria

Our project has a name and a logo!!

Here it is!!! It comes out from a words-game between english and Sardinian language meaning “Meet in Market“. Where “meeting” becomes “Meet-in” and “market” becomes “Marchaddu” (in Sardinian language) and then a short versione as “Marchà” —> MEET-IN MARCHÀ

Logo Meet-in Marchà

Let’s start to share it and make it working!!

Last progress can be visualized in francesca tocco profile

My work can be visualized on Francesca Tocco’s post

Studying the general strategy we get into a new part of the project.

Our challenge is to create an inverse process where you can start a cooperative without any money.
In the Nurra area people produce their own fruits and vegetables and often they produce a little surplus of its. Thus, our market is conceived for unemployed people and hobby farmers that want to develop a new social economy based on free exchange and direct purchase. This market has few rules in order to allow people to take part of it: so if you want you can buy something or exchange it offering one of your skills.


The strategy is divided in 3 steps.

The first one starts from the resources (both human and natural). The human resources are represented by people (age 20-35)  from different small villages, while the natural resources are fruits, vegetables and wine typical of this area of Sardinia.
As designers,we try to organize this existing resources through a local market system where people can sell or exchange the products and their own skills. Through the Facebook page we develop a network of people that helped us to create the brand:  Meet-ing Marchà. Involving artists , distributing flyer we promote our test event in order to check if this system can really work and also for the future events.

In the second step the market made in Tottubella start circulate and involving more people from the other small villages, creating an hobby farmers consortium and involving a network of G.A.S. (ethical purchasing groups) of close cities (Sassari, Alghero, Porto Torres).

In the third step the Meet-ing Marchà will expand itself more and more and the producers will need some funds to develop their production because of an increasing demand  in order to became a professional farmer.

Now we are planning the next meeting.

Stay tuned!!

Here we show our next step: the questionnaire.

The last days we drive across the little villages of the Nurra to meet some people because we would like to know something about their lives and their problems.
DSC_0693 copy
We went to Tottubella, Santa Maria la Palma, La Corte, Palmadula, Argentiera and Pozzo San Nicola. In this way we had a little view about the different situations;  we prepare an anonymous questionnaire in order to find some data about people who lives there, what kind of resources and needs have the site, which are the skills of each person and to start a relationship, and we made a video interview of some young guys of Tottubella.

Waiting for the results of the questionnaires and for the relative data we are preparing some diagrammatic maps about the different little villages.


We meet people of different ages and reading the answers we decided to concentrate our attentions to a range between 15 and 30 years old.

In the same time we create a network with the people of the different villages we met by a facebook page called Progetto Nurra where we can share information and suggestion involving young people in this project. Now it’s just the first statement but we are working with them for creating a brand and update the page.

Schermata 05-2456421 alle 21.18.17

During all this research we turn our starting idea on a  different direction and we start to think with the eyes of people that lives there and we realized that the last proposal was made by an external view before getting in touch with the local peolpe. Thus we started to investigate about a flexible street market that can change its location during the week and its function during the day. Whit this system we can create a market of local products.

We are still working on each these aspects, we are trying to involve even more people.

So… stay tuned!!! is a platform for sharing knowledge and design thinking experiences with the world around us, breaking through the walls of academia in an attempt to improve the society in which we live.