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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano


Finally, we announced our website to Harvard GSD students with a small amount of items for testing.

We got 100+ visitors and 100+ tags in the first night. And the feedbacks is positive, people just like tag and get Harvard surplus items.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 11.25.57 PM


We received Harvard Sustainability Grant at the beginning of this mouth, which help us to afford the server and device expense.

Website and IOS App are still underdevelopment, we have workable prototype now. Include: tag system, login and register system, items scanner.


We met with collectors who come to Harvard Surplus Center every week, and presented our new plan for this facility.

We got a lot of useful suggestions and proposals which help us to create basic functions and build the frame of our website.

IMG_0684 IMG_0690

Midreview documents:

Midreview Presentation by networkedurbanism

We applied the Harvard Student Sustainability Grant Program at this week. See below for the detail of this program:

“The Harvard Student Sustainability Grant Program provides seed funding to graduate and undergraduate students/student groups for environmental projects that contribute to Harvard’s campus sustainability goals. Areas of sustainable focus include: energy reduction, waste and resource reduction, community awareness, health, and research to inform policy. “

Project proposal and work plan are submitted.


Smart Surplus Inventorying by networkedurbanism

Distributed Human Based Computation

Distributed Human Based Computation_cover

Krystelle Denis | Ziyi Zhang

Informative Landscape



Informative Landscape by networkedurbanism


Krystelle Denis | Ziyi Zhang


An augmented reality waste ecosystem.


E-CO by networkedurbanism


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