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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano

As a result of streets with missed opportunities in Kenton we decided to intervene on Willis Blvd, potentially at the intersections of N Fowler and Washburne Avenues. As most streets that are designed as collector streets [streets primarily used to carry traffic from local to arterial streets] are typically no more than 60 feet wide, Willis is a total of 96 feet. The extra square footage are grass islands and sidewalks.

43% of the Columbia Slough Watershed is natural area and we want to use those strong natural systems to inform our design decision. To do this we have decided on greening the blocks along Willis Blvd as stated above. Our large-scale bioswale intervention will help to raise awareness of the importance of these systems by engulfing their commute with natural systems, whether it be via foot, bicycle or car. By strategically implementing various types of green systems we will be able to control stormwater runoff, enhance the quality of life, and create community engagement opportunities.

The next step in our project process will be to further refine our intervention typologies and placement, our narrative and to make a clear and concise argument for what makes our project relevant to the neighborhood of Kenton. Below is the start of refining our project — all images are works in progress and may not reflect all the research we have collected over the term.


Maps accompanied by statistical information to reinforce our site selection process.

Our site selection with the geographical context — dotted line represent neighborhood boundary.

Potential site based on above maps, diagrams and research.

Exploring the existing and possible interventions — rough draft.

Sample of a street section/plan of a typical local street [not to be confused with Willis Blvd]

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