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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano

Meeting event in Tottubella anna maria zandara

In order to present our new brand for a new market project in the Nurra area, we planned a meeting event in Tottubella, published on project’s Facebook page called “Tottu in Pares Tottubella” (Sardinian language sentence for “All together Tottubella”).

We printed out several flyiers to show citizens how the project could be developed and which step we could pass trhough to get the goal.


Once there we met some guys who are interested into partecipate and we found out there is an Volountary Association called “Alfa uno”, who are going to help us in order to realize our project. They offered us to meet each other together with their president, some members and the young guys, who welcomed us, in one own house of them. When we were sitting at the table all together, we had the chance to present and propose our project, distribuiting our flyiers to each one of them, and having a nice and peaceful conversation about the aim and the way to realize a real market event in TottuBella at the end of June.

They offerd us to clean up and set up an old abandoned kindergarten, that is now a storage but unused by citizen, even if it is a public building.


We planned better a strategy to produce something really different and we tried to figure out who could be the key people for the event, also realizing which activities we could really produce without paying any taxes.

In order to produce a flexible prototype for the market desk we tried to check which material we could have for free and how we could have them. Citizens seemed to be very interested and involved in the process, so far.

We are looking forward to go further and push the work to produce a real social and economical movement in the Nurra area. is a platform for sharing knowledge and design thinking experiences with the world around us, breaking through the walls of academia in an attempt to improve the society in which we live.