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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano

ÈvVIVA la Nurra?   Is NurrAlive?

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Starting from a social analysis of the region of Nurra, I decided to focus my studies on the hamlet of Santa Maria la Palma. It is the most populated place and I found a very interesting starting point to create a process of community collaboration.

I selected some existing initiative and proposed some ideas only after I spended many days there to try to know the place and the social dinamics.

The biggest downside that I found was the necessity of a public space to increase the social organized and spontaneous activities.

The goal will be to give them a new space, with functionality and quality. It will be possible only with their collaboration to give them the responsability and the management of it.

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Social Net

(it is recommended to set the full screen and the timing to 4 seconds)


CMA logoclaudio marras

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