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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano

Here we are. We started working on the void concept and his different variations, visible  in the video at the following link:

After this first step, we tried to understand better the Nurra territory, searching for these voids there and knowing that it was possible to find in this  big part of north-western Sardinia a strong potential energy, ready to be released. It was very important talking with people in this complex and difficult villages, where the first impression is a state of abandon and resignation of public spaces, contrasting with well-finished and dignified private houses and people, in particular in Tottubella.


So we started figuring out that there were material voids, and we are talking about public buildings and agriculture fields, but also immaterial voids, like social voids. The good new is that people there still has the ability to think about his future and, in particular, a future in that places; not in every Nurra village but in some cases we found people intrested in improving his knowledge and trying to make things better, especially about the place where they live.  We talk about people between 15 and 45 years old, and in particular young boys and girls.


We think it’s also important talking with elderly people, ’cause they’re a big part of the community in these villages but, instead of the bar, they have no place to go (like teenagers and children). What’s intresting is that they keep the memory of the villages because they were there when Tottubella, Palmadula and so on were founded.

Our next step is finding places where re-activate communities, creating a double grid: one internal to the most important villages, one in which villages are grid nodes themselves, starting from that voids we were searching for.

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