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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano

Creating temporary pedestrian infrastructure and use within underutilized parking spaces
(Action Plan and Continued Research)

The goal is to bring the public together, so people have the potential to engage and learn. Eastport Plaza is already a heavily used consumer destination. Customers will walk, bike, take public transit and drive to Eastport plaza, but it lacks pedestrian accessibility and character. Of the businesses on site surveyed 10-50% of the customers walk or take public transit. The parking lots are designed for efficient movement and storage of the automobile, not the pedestrian. The space will be temporarily sculpted for the pedestrian without infringing on the automobile accessibility.

I propose to design a business plan for the businesses of Eastport Plaza. This will be in a brochure format.

This site plan shows connections to parks around the neighborhood and calls out certain areas that are underutilized. These parking areas will be temporarily filled with community related uses and special events.

SE map-01

Mapping of Amenities

Presentation 3-02

Mapping of Parks and Connections

Presentation 3-03

The parking lot has the potential for innumerable different uses. Initially implemented programs would be based upon educated speculation. Over time the community can suggestions as to what they would like to see in within their commercial center. Some uses would relate more to the neighborhood, and act as destinations whereas other would be more temporary with their engagement and therefore could interest both shopping commuters and the neighborhood.

catalog of uses-04

The space will be temporarily redesigned for the pedestrian using cheap and accessible items such as hay bails, wooden pallets and paint. This temporary pedestrian development will connect the pedestrian throughout the site and beyond to amenities in the area.


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