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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano

The aim of the project is to involve people of Nurra through proposing a network of multifunctional points inside every village, to have a proper waste management system. These points have 3 different functions:
1_COLLECTION of the differentiated waste and selection to reuse and recycle.
2_INVOLVING PEOPLE, by activate them into the system and improve the tools for communication and information. For example we can rethink about the existing mobile stand, used for awareness program, in a more efficient way .
3_PROPOSE A SYSTEM OF FINANCIAL BENEFIT, through the collaboration with local productive activities.

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The goal of this proposed system are:
• to reduce the disposal of undifferentiated waste to the existing landfill of Scala Erre in Nurra, that will be closed in seven years;
• to improve the collection of differentiate waste;
• to decrease the CO2 emission and the costs of the transport system;
• to decrease the waste municipality fee.
With the findings of our research and proposal we want to make people aware of the existing problems and opportunities about the proper management of waste in Nurra.
It also can be useful for the municipality and different organizations to reconsider the management system of Nurra and communication to the citizens.

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