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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano

02/25/2014 6:00pm PDX Time             (NOTE TO WEBMASTER: I can’t get the ordered or un-ordered list to work)

Yesterday, I presented my first pass at the Bird Strike video – what I would call a “story board” video.  It is a conglomeration of the videos and still images I have at this point – a mixture of those that will be used, some that are just holding a position in the video “space”, and some that are waiting for higher resolution replacements.  There is a bit a information that did not make it into the video that should be noted:  there will be something about the Portland initiatives on bird-friendly building design and a bit more about the solutions for both existing and new buildings.

Most of the feedback I got yesterday was encouraging and a few of the comments I received were: 1) spend less time on why we should care about birds – we already know these things, including getting rid of the sequence on birds/wildlife/nature, bird-watching, and man wanting to fly; 2) there’s great tension at the beginning and end, but the video needs something else in the middle; 3) figure out a way to visualize the information on the graphs without using a graph…; 4) in the Solution section of the video, it might be helpful to group solutions for new buildings separately from solutions for existing buildings

Today, I finally got to meet Liz Cosko, the documentary film student who I mentioned in the last blog entry.  As mentioned, she is a Post-Bach student who also has a Masters in Biology.  She is in Steve Amen’s documentary class and will be submitting the film for her final project as well (FYI – Steve Amen is the producer of OPB’s Oregon Field Guide).  Our challenge will be to produce a video so that both class requirements can be fulfilled – she is supposed to have a 10 minute video, while I’m hearing 5-7 minutes from my end…oh, well, just like a real client. ;-)

Today, we went to the Audubon to see about getting footage inside the care center – we are awaiting permission.  This week Liz and I will be filming as much original footage as possible in and around Portland.  Also, we have an interview set up with the local architect who is working on the Fulton Pump Station at Willamette Park.

Here is the video I presented yesterday – enjoy!

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