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Design critics: Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, principals of Ecosistema Urbano

3 : major air contributors

Objective: To increase public awareness of air quality and improve upon existing initiatives to allow individuals to positively engage with the information.

Our project aims to engage the public in a user friendly manner to help raise awareness and inform daily habits. It does this in three phases of involvement: (1) awareness: through the sensor grid; (2) engagement; through the online interface mapping; and (3) commitment; by engaging individuals in the cause to improve air quality and empowering them with personal monitoring devices.

This project lays a foundation for further implementation of air awareness initiatives in Portland, OR. The comprehensive, fixed sensor grid system provides the opportunity for real time data every day. This can inform future habits such as where families and individuals choose to live, work, enroll their kids in school, and what route they use to commute. Further, this data can inform architects and city planners and offer new information for site analysis and innovative green building strategies. It not only addresses the whole, but allows for growth and public engagement to improve the urban environment.

2 : regulations and initiatives

1 : objective

6 : diesel particulate

5 : major air toxics

4 : portland health study

10 : street view

9 : sensor component diagram

8 : sensor system logistics

7 : risk zone diagram

13 : implementation

12 : street view

11 : street view

16 : awareness

15 : engagement

14 : commitment



The parametric definition developed for this project has the capacity to be fed a list of values and use those numbers to model a dynamic, three dimensional, gradient landscape in real time.

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